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bodycare and fulfilling days

Therapist yuna

yunastyle ロゴ
When I was a child, there were many older boys and brothers and neighbors, and I drove out outdoors every day to follow him desperately and grew up in an environment where there were a lot of boy's play.
Thanks to that, I think it might have been a loneliness that won't let you fall (laughs)
I love to move my body from that time, I do not like food hate grow up to now. The key to health is diet balance, moderate exercise, and sleep. I believe that there is a reason I am told that I have always been fine without major illness.
If you are healthy both physically and mentally, you will be motivated to do various things. In addition, physical and mental well-being can also facilitate positive thinking and action.
However, when I grow up, I think that the basic things for health mentioned above may be missing.
At that time I realized the importance of caring for my body.
The trigger was mother's massage. (Body relaxation) I think that is usually something that children give parents,
My mother used to warm our children's bodies with warm hands in my family.
At that time the feeling of being relieved with the hands of the person felt and the feeling that the body was light and energetic was impressive, and I started to imitate it and give it to my parents and friends after I was an adult. .
Even if I am an amateur, I will always receive a bright smile and words of appreciation when I relax with all my heart, and I could not forget the sense of becoming the power to do my best.
After training for about six years at a major relaxation salon, I mastered all kinds of body care such as body care, foot care, stretch, Thai traditional fashion, hand care, eye head care, and horn care.
In the meantime, about 3,500 customers were treated and we offered treatment and life style suggestions for all your physical, mental or physical problems. .
One of the most important things we need now is to create a physical body that will not be ill.
We will assist you in creating a comfortable body that is both stress free.
From now on, let's get back together with the healthy mind and body that can do what you want to do! !

yunastyle ☆ (Maria House Salon)
bodycare and fulfilling days

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